Ground Mount Systems

Bifacial Single tracker – Sun-MAX

Sun-MAX features a higher mounting height of bifacial modules which reduces shadow projection intensity and maximizes bifacial yield-gain. The features also eliminate the principal bifacial flaw of leading competitors of torque-tube shading, and reduces foundation-pile backside shading. The features also result in the highest and driest location of the motor, electronics, and cabling, and result in the fewest piles-per-MW.

  • Sun-MAX 
    Product no: 700001
  • Sun-MAX quote per projects - minimum 300 KWP
  • Bifacial modules collect energy on both the front and rear sides, capturing reflected irradiance from the ground surface (the albedo effect) under and around the tracker and from other modules. Depending on site conditions and the albedo effect, bifacial yield-gain can reach +10 – 30 percent.

Fixed tilt Sun-SMART

Sun-SMART is a single ramming Pile Type. The System is a highly pre-assembled ground mount system, which can be applied to the installation of large commercial and utility scale PV projects. Made of high-quality aluminum material, the Sun-SMART System has excellent corrosion resistance performance. The single-pile patent pending patented structure design saves installation time and cost, with good compatibility to varied solar modules.

  • Sun-SMART 
    Product no: 70000
  • Sun-SMART – quote per projects minimum 50 KWP