Sun Parking

Where to Integrate Solar Parking Structures & Canopies

When you install solar covered parking resources, you can optimize energy use across your facility while also protecting on-site structures. The solar covered parking structures are ideal for the following uses and industries, as well as many others thanks to the amount of customization we can offer from 4 cars and up to .

Investing in solar panel covered parking offers these advantages for a wide range of industries:

  • Shopping centre: Protect customers or employee parking lots while also offering a green energy EV charger source for your customers.
  • Municipalities: As taxpayers look for more sustainable energy options, towns and cities can offer a way to generate electricity in public and government parking areas.
  • Auto dealerships: Showcase electric and hybrid vehicles under a protected area that further highlights your dealership as a leader in advanced energy saving technology.
  • Travel and Transportation: For airports, car rental facilities, cruise terminals, sports facilities, train stations and any commercial space with larger numbers of vehicles, the benefits of large scale asset protection with solar are significant both in energy savings and as an added benefit for your customers.
  • Anywhere solar panel-covered parking structures are a smart choice. Choosing sun helps you make the most of solar energy and protect your valuable assets from the elements.


  Sun-PARKING L– Quote per projects minimum 30 cars 

Product no: 700002



    Sun-PARKING V - Quote per project minimum 4 cars


Product no: 700003